About Us

The Owners, From Right to Left - Tim and Megan Nicholson, Brian and Rebecca GlasselMadison residents Brian Glassel and Tim Nicholson met while working in a pizza restaurant, in fact, both had worked in pizza restaurants for the majority of their adult (and teenage) lives. They knew that their passion for delicious, fresh food combined with great service would do well in Madison. After a year of hard work and planning their dream came true.

On November 5th, 1997 the original Glass Nickel opened its doors in the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood (check out the original store photo on the right). There were only a handful of employees in the early days, including Tim and Brian. With the help of our loyal customers and a great crew, we quickly grew. Many of the employees who started with us are still in the Glass Nickel Family, several through ownership of their own location. All of our locations are independently owned and operated and active participants in their communities.

The Glass Nickel is also committed to serving the environment along with our customers. In addition to our use of energy efficient appliances and LED lighting in our kitchens, we also employ a fleet of WVO, Hybrid and Electric Cars to deliver your food. Infact, all new Glass Nickel Pizza restaurants are required to own and operate an alternative fuel vehicle within their first three years of operation (check out our Growing Green section to learn more).

As we continue to grow, our ambitions remain the same: helping our neighborhoods, providing great service and making the best pizza in town! Thanks to all our neighbors who support us, and if you are new to the Glass Nickel, Welcome!!!

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